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Unlock your Powerful, Unlimited, Resilient, Essence

Holistic life coaching is the practice of helping YOU reach YOUR goals by focusing on the whole person’s approach to health and well-being through personal development and your physical health. This means helping you to consider not just your physical well-being but also your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Individual Coaching

Are you ready to embark on your journey from surviving to thriving? There’s no better time than the present! First, we will identify old habits that are no longer serving you. Then I will create a holistic well-being road map designed specifically for you. I will teach you how to use the tools needed to execute this plan. These tools include, but are not limited to: Emotional Freedom Technique, breathing techniques, yoga, sound healing, dietary adjustments, and NeurOptimal® neurofeedback training. Together we will celebrate your victories throughout your transformation. You will learn to honor your body, mind and spirit in ways that bring you into alignment with your soul’s purpose.


Group/Community Classes

Maintaining our overall health involves practicing self-care, using coping strategies, and knowing when to seek guidance. Trish Smith developed The PURE Body, Mind, and Spirit Wellness Course with YOU in mind! It is a collection of tools, practices and valuable information designed to introduce you to topics you have yet to explore more deeply. Topics of the classes offered for group/community hire are as follows: Gut Health, Yoga, Emotional Freedom Technique, Cultivating Joy, Clearing Energy, Prayer/Meditation/Neuroscience, and Living a Life of Gratitude. Please see descriptions below.


Brain Training with NeurOptimal®

Trish offers NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Brain Training in person at her office in Eagle Creek, OR. She has two options available: In person NeurOptimal® Advanced Brain Training sessions only or adding brain training to your individual coaching program. She has found that clients who choose to utilize brain training in their coaching sessions make progress faster than individuals not using NeurOptimal® Advanced Brain Training Advanced Brain Training System. To learn more about what NeurOptimal® can do for you, click the button below.


Power, Unlimited, Resilience, and Essence

Take the journey!

  • Understanding grief and trauma as intimately as I do has led me into the gift of supporting others on their journeys.
  • Being highly intuitive has served me in my pursuance of lifting others when they are struggling and  gently pointing the way back to the light.
  • As serious as life can be, I find it crucial to keep a sense of humor.
  • I look forward to meeting you in person, or via zoom, whichever makes you feel more comfortable.



Allow me the honor of being your guide to well-being.

Are you feeling lost? Disconnected?
Grieving? Confused? Looking for direction?
I’d love to support you. I offer holistic life coaching, grief support and neurofeedback therapy.




What you are CAPABLE of doing!


What you’re knowing is POSSIBLE

R. – Resilience

What you’re ABLE to overcome.

E. – Essence

What you’re MADE of and from.


A sophisticated $10,000 brain training tool that helps your brain learn to be more flexible and resilient.

“With the help of the NeurOptimal® feedback I noticed positive mood changes. I have since felt motivated to achieve my goals for the day with a better outlook. My depressive mindset and thoughts now feel lighter.”

– James –