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Expert Intuitive – Holistic Life Coach –


Allow me the honor of serving as your guide to well-being.

I offer Intuitive Guidance, Holistic Life Coaching, NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback, Trauma Informed Care, Grief Support, End-Of-Life Doula.

  • My background is in Early Childhood Education and Special Education.

  • Over twenty years ago I was the victim of a violent crime, resulting in living with PTSD.

  • I am a Trauma Informed Yoga instructor specializing in breathing techniques, poses, and meditation practices for PTSD.

  • I am a trained End-Of-Life Doula through INELDA.

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Unlock Your P.U.R.E. – Powerful, Unlimited, Resilient, Essence

  • Understanding grief and trauma as intimately as I do has led me into the gift of supporting others on their journeys.

  • Being highly intuitive has served me in my pursuance of lifting others when they are struggling and  gently pointing the way back to the light.

  • As serious as life can be, I find it crucial to keep a sense of humor.

  • I look forward to meeting you in person, or via zoom, whichever makes you feel more comfortable.

Allow me the honor of serving as your guide to well-being.


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