There are times when the power within me feels so big and strong and there are other times when I feel powerless. The truth is that at either of these times the actual power within myself has not changed at all. It’s the feelings that I feel in these moments that are manifested from my thoughts that make me feel one or the other, or at times somewhere in between. If our desire is to feel powerful, then we must begin with the thoughts. The feelings are only existing because the brain has sent the message to the body to feel powerless or powerful. Thoughts such as “I just can’t seem to get it together” will tell the body to feel useless, dis-heartened and sad. Thoughts such as “Things have been challenging, but I know that if I can put one foot in front of the other I will be able to get through this” will send signals to the body to feel empowered, courageous and determined. The bottom line is that the power over our feelings begins in our mind and the power over our mind comes from our spirit. We have to dig deeper in times of trials to find the will to have the power over our mind. It’s the excavating itself that builds character along the way. Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.” There are many tools available to use when we feel overwhelmed and helpless. Tools that can stir the fire within our spirit to impact the mind to move the body in the direction that we wish it to “feel”. Why is this so important? Our feelings are what attracts more situations to ourselves that match our current feelings. Mindset is key. One example of a tool is movement. Even running in place for 45 seconds can stir the fire within and set in motion the positive domino effect.



It’s important to know when to sit with and process our pain. Creating a container for our grief, pain, etc is a very effective way to have power over our emotions. There are times when we will be overcome with emotion and that’s ok, but taking the time to process our emotion is a very powerful practice. Having the courage to gives such pain the space and attention it needs to be processed will have a greater outcome than not managing our feelings and letting them have their way with us. It’s when we don’t take the time to process our losses and traumas that these energies can become stuck within us and affect the way we view the world around us. There is so much power in taking an honest look within ourselves and doing our inner work in order to be free in the long run. Becoming the master of your own universes something that takes our lifetime and maybe more to conquer, but the journey in self discovery is so rewarding and helps make the entire planet a better place. Knowing where to begin is half of the battle.

It’s not a secret that we must begin with ourselves. See? Now you’re halfway there. Start moving and breathing. Stoke that fire!


Allow me the honor of being your guide to well-being!

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