PURE Intuitive Talk with Trish Smith: The Energy of Power, Unlimited, Resilience, and Essence
2nd Wednesdays 4pm PT / 7pm ET

Welcome to Pure Intuitive Talk with Trish Smith. Now is the moment to choose peace, acceptance, and forgiveness. When we choose these, we begin to develop clearer perspectives. Join Trish Smith with learning the key to helping you heal for peace and cease engagement in energies that feed negativity. Clear your perspectives and spend less time projecting your hurts and fears onto others. Find courage with us here when interacting with the world around us. From gut health to Shamanic Sound healing, we will explore Trish’s tools that have helped her with her own journey of ADHD, PTSD and more! When we know better, we do better!

Meet Trish Smith

Trish is on a mission. She is a holistic life coach, specializing in supporting mothers of children with special needs and grief support. She is a trained death doula with INELDA. She has cared for the dying. Trish is educated in Early Childhood Education. She has worked with thousands of children over the last 25 years, including children with autism, cerebral palsy, ADHD, emotionally disturbed, bipolar, and schizophrenia. She is the author of “The Catch of the Day,” a children’s book. Trish and her family have served as foster parents as well as hosted an exchange student a few times. She volunteered in the nursery of the church her family attended as a facilitator for over a decade.